The project is born

Dear friends worldwide,

Something wonderful is happening in Denmark! During his stay in Copenhagen in June 2017, Lama Ole said to us  that it is time to build a stupa in the garden of the Copenhagen centre.

Lama Ole has announced that the stupa should be a Stupa of Complete Victory, also known as a Long Life Stupa.

In a letter to the Copenhagen Sangha, Lama Ole says about the stupa:

“This will be a great jewel in the crown of our work and may it bring you all to exert  an active expression in our further development. Only in this way a stupa and everything we do will bring a full effect.”

We are so lucky that precious Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche agreed to guide the building and inaugurate the stupa in 2019.

Wojtek Kossowski, a very experienced stupa architect, has been chosen by Lama Ole to guide the process. The stupa will be approximately 5 meters tall, made of granite as white as possible, according to Lama Ole’s vision.

When we asked Lama Ole where we should get the life tree from, he immediately said the it should be cut in in the forest of Åmosen, north of Copenhagen, the place where Lama Ole and Hannah first met as children. The tree has already been chosen and Lama Ole will cut it himself the next time he is in Denmark.

It is Lama Ole’s wish that the Copenhagen Victory Stupa will be a national project for all of the Danish sangha. This does not mean, however, that we do not appreciate the support and good wishes of our international friends. 

More information about how and when to contribute practically or financially, you can find on our webpage (details…), which will be updated regularly. 

Here you can also find information about upcoming events for the international sangha to participate in.

We will be posting here all the activities, news, and events concerning building this precious stupa, as well as ways to contribute and participate for all who wish.

All the best to all of you,
Your friends in Denmark