The Copenhagen Victory Stupa is  built by volunteers from the Sangha (the community of practitioners) of Denmark and abroad. According to Buddhist tradition great benefit will come to those who engage in building a stupa. The Sangha

The word Sangha is Sanskrit meaning “community”. The Sangha is one of the “Three Jewels” in Buddhism:

1) Buddha  2) Dharma (the teachings)  3) Sangha (the practitioners). These “Three Jewels” together constitute Buddhist Refuge.

The Sangha in Denmark and abroad work together in building the Copenhagen Victory Stupa.

Significance of Participation

According to tradition it is said that the benefits of building a stupa equal the number of atoms of the stupa and these benefits exist as long as the stupa exists.

“The Jewel” – Documentary about The Stupa in Sofia:

“Doing something like that together (building a stupa) is a milestone. It’s a big blessing.” – Lama Ole Nydahl

“Everyone who participated in a stupa construction will say that it changed their life.” Architect Wojtek Kossowski

Interview with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche from “Buddhism Today” no 40, fall/winter 2017 in connection with the inauguration of the Enlightenment Stupa in Krasnoyarsk, Russia July 2017:

” Circumambulating a stupa or prostrating in front of a stupa, cleaning the area around a stupa, and generally taking care of a stupa help one’s wishes to be fulfilled, and benefit our practice and our meditation gets extra power based on the stupa’s blessing.”

“A stupa is a symbol of the Buddha’s mind. The benefit of at stupa is that it provides the four ways of liberation. The first way of liberation provided by the stupa is called “Liberation through Seeing.” It means that, just upon seeing this stupa, you get in your mind stream the seed of liberation. The second way of liberation is called “Liberation through Hearing.” It means, that hearing of the stupa also plants the seed of liberation in your mind. The third way is called “Liberation through Thinking.” This means that through thinking about the stupa either the outer form or the symbols of the different elements of the stupa, a seed of liberation is planted. The fourth way is called “Liberation through Touching”. This occurs, when you touch the stupa with your forehead, while prostrating or touch it with your hand. Even if you stand nearby and there is a wind blowing across the stupa, this touch is transmitted to you.”