How one can help to build the stupa:

Donate money:

Stupa building is a meaningful and joyful process, which also costs a lot of money.

To support the process and create a connection you are welcome to donate any amounts using the following accounts.

International transfers to Danish account

Donations account – 4330803800 DKK
IBAN: DK54 3000 4330 8038 00
Account holder: KARMA KADJY SKOLEN
Address: Svanemoellevej 56, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

International transfers to German account

Account holder: KARMA KADJY SKOLEN
IBAN: DE47 2032 0500 4989 0591 14

MobilePay (locally in Denmark)

Mobilepay to  mobile number 91929959
add message: “Stupa + your cpr number” – for tax return

Bank transfer (locally in Denmark)

Use account number 3001 4330803800
add message: “Stupa + your cpr number” – for tax return

It is possible to donate for stupa project in Copenhagen via KKS donation system with a possibility for a tax deduction (in Denmark). The link to the system is

If you are already a member of our donation system, you can log in and create a monthly donation for stupa project in addition to the current donations. Otherwise, you should create a new user and choose it as a donation.

Donate precious metals, stones and jewelry:

In the beginning of the process, you are welcome to send precious stones, metals and jewelry via your personal connections to Copenhagen center.

Rejoice the process

Wherever you are, you can just join us with your best wishes and rejoice that soon we will have a beautiful Victory stupa in the garden of the mother center of Diamondway Buddhism.